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Marvin Weishaus

President & Owner


Marvin is our beloved, accessible, hands-on president. He oversees the operation of our 121- year-old company and sets the warm, wise, and inclusive family tone for the company.  His door is always open, and he’ll always make the time to listen should anyone in the company have something to share.  Marvin has extensive knowledge of food science, cucumber farming, and product development.  He has personally created or updated every product we sell, every flavor profile we have, designed every label, and by the way, besides once-upon-a-time driving the trucks on the delivery routes, he designed and built much of our current processing machinery himself over the 45 years he has been with the company.

Marvin has done it all, from delivering pickles on the back of a motorcycle when a customer ran out, to driving a tractor down on the farm in the cucumber fields, to applying his formidable Microsoft Excel wizardry to design and implement the multitude of reports, controls and analyses used within the company.  To this day he won’t hesitate to crawl under a machine with a wrench in hand.  When Marvin’s dad Ury passed away in 1990, Marvin assumed the President’s title and the leadership role.

During his tenure here, the company has grown more than 20 fold – and continues its vigorous expansion today.

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