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Allison Weishaus

Vice President

Allison Weishaus is honored to serve as United Pickle’s Vice President. Representing the business’ fifth generation, Allison offers not only an unwavering dedication and deep understanding of her family’s business, but a fresh and creative perspective on the generations of pickling expertise so deeply ingrained in her. Aiding in her capacity to lead is Allison’s extensive background in the culinary world — the foundation for which began at The Culinary Institute of America. Her passion for all things culinary fuels Allison’s approach to innovation and flavor, driving the evolution of the company’s products and ensuring that the business and creative sides of the company are equally valued. As the Vice President, Allison actively participates in all aspects of company operations, though through the years, she’s discovered a particular passion for customer relations, product development, and quality assurance. When not in the world of pickles, Allison enjoys spending quality time with her two energetic toddlers and husband.

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