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Lindsey Weishaus

Creative Director

Lindsey Weishaus is a recent transplant to Astoria and current organic sauerkraut-maker. A former activist and current advocate for LGBTQ and environmental issues, her passion for social justice and civil rights is infinite. She has been in choirs most of her life, as music is her life-blood and singing with others an endless source of joy. She joins NYCC this season with much enthusiasm, excited to finally be back in group, singing and surrounded by music and light. 

Jose Torres

director of operations

Run the day to day operations of multiple pickle and relish production departments and also the shipping & receiving department finding ways to make the company more productive by providing effective methods in daily operations that provide a work environment that engenders positive energy, creativity and teamwork among all employees to ensure that our goals are achieved. I also develop and set rules and procedures for employees to follow. This includes setting policies in the plant to ensure effective implementation and adherence among each and every employee in the organization, handling issues that include risk management, shipment delays, clients’ dissatisfaction and employee problems. Having to make effective decisions that will not only help the company run smoothly but that also serve to prevent difficult situations in the future. I’m also responsible for supervising and evaluating department managers and their job performance. I give directions to managers on certain job tasks, resolve problems concerning employees’ work performance, establish rules and procedures and create work schedules.

Allison Weishaus

Corporate chef

Allison started her culinary career at the age of 16 when she became a cake decorator at her mother’s shop. She went on to study both baking and pastry as well as culinary arts at The Culinary Institute of America. After becoming interested in learning more about alternative cooking styles and nutrition, she enrolled in a program at The Natural Gourmet Institute, where she learned how to create all the delicious comfort foods she’s always enjoyed using healthy and sustainable ingredients.

Allison has worked in a variety of culinary environments from restaurants to schools, private homes, commercial kitchens, and more. She has experience cooking for a variety of diets including vegetarian, vegan, kosher, paleo, and ketogenic. Her passion for fresh, flavorful, and simple whole foods is what guides her cooking style. Humanely-raised meats and poultry, sustainable seafood, and organic produce, nuts, and grains make up a majority of her menu choices. While nutrition is always on her radar, she understands the importance of indulgences, as well, and will rarely be seen before bed without a bowl of ice cream in hand. 

Founded by Allison in 2015 and based out the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, Alli’s Eats has proven to be a successful way to make delicious, customized, restaurant style food convenient for the masses. When she’s not cooking, Allison spends her time buying things from Amazon Prime and watching Ally McBeal in her Brooklyn apartment. 

Marvin Weishaus


As President of the oldest continually operating pickle company in New York, I oversee the operation of a 120- year-old family business manufacturing a wide variety of mainstream and proprietary pickle products for foodservice, institutional, and retail pickle markets. Products include multiple renditions of refrigerated pickles, sauerkraut, relishes, peppers, tomatoes, and other condiments. I have personally created or enhanced all of our dozens of current products along with their flavor profiles, processes, and formulations – drawing from and incorporating literally generations of technical research and accumulated personal field experience…giving me a deep body of knowledge in the pickle-making arts. (I personally have been at United Pickle for 44 years). 

As a company, we have a highly developed ability to not only comprehend, but to deliver, precisely what our customers want and need. From a mainstream kosher pickle to a proprietary custom-formulated specialty product, we can and do provide outstanding product development support and customer service. Our accounts range from multi-billion dollar food-service distributors, national restaurant chains, club stores, supermarket chains, and manufacturers of proprietary dressings & sauces, to the landmark restaurants and delicatessens throughout New York City that have made this city the universally recognized pickle capital of the world. I take immense pride in the fact that as the makers of New York’s premier pickles for well over a century, United Pickle can claim some measure of responsibility for that well-deserved reputation. Many of our customers have been on our books for half a century and more. (We have been serving our oldest customer continuously for 100 years!). Our longevity is a testament to our outstanding product quality, dedicated service, and a continual pursuit of excellence in what is perhaps the most discriminating and competitive food and business environment in the world.